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Wet N’ Wild Scuba – Blog

I was on a mission to find a special key required to turn on the exterior water when I made the connection. My mission, which later failed, included setting up a 500 gallon dunk tank with a glass window along Main Mall for Imagine Day.  Big enough to be submerged with scuba gear, waving to […]

Scuba Kids Camps – Blog

Kids’ Camp season is a special time at the Aqua Society. July through August roughly 160 new and familiar young faces aged 8 – 12 explore the depths of a small roped off section of the UBC pool.  Some stay for a week long camp, others a brief two hour session.  Kids’ Camp season is […]

Drive to Dive – Blog

I sat down this morning for my usual Sunday morning breakfast outing. Pulled out my notebook and pen and began to write while I sipped my coffee and waited for my food to arrive.  Fathers day at IHOP was proving to be a busy one.  They sat me down at a table and chair in […]

My First Mooring Buoy – Blog

Last week one of my diver friends Scott Mexiner was in the shop telling me one of the local boat diving sites North Bouyer’s Mooring Buoy was accidentally run over by a boater, cut free from the sea floor and lost. He was putting together a dive team for the the weekend to install a […]