About the Dive Club

The University of British Columbia Aquatic Society

Our Mission

To provide our club members with the highest caliber recreational diver training. To provide a learning environment that is fun and enjoyable, safe, and respectful of the underwater environment. To conduct ourselves in a professional and courteous manner. To adhere to PADI standards so that your training allows you to safely explore the underwater world, and so that your diver certification cards continue to be recognized and respected around the world.

Download the UBC Aqua Society Constitution to read the rest!

Membership Information

To take full advantage of everything we have to offer, you must be a member in good standing with the UBC Aqua Society. All memberships must be renewed every September (as per AMS Club regulations).


As a member of the UBC Aqua Society, you will have access to:

  • Monthly club meetings throughout the school year with refreshments, snacks, and various guest speakers
  • Monthly club newsletters to keep you updated on charters, events, and courses
  • Instructional programs from Discover Scuba Diving to Instructor levels
  • Organized club dives and Monthly Charter Trips
  • Opportunities to find dive buddies and friends through our message board
  • 50% off Rentals on club dives and events (contact the Shop for details)
  • 35% off Rentals anytime
  • Free BBQ at Club Dives
  • 10% off retail equipment
  • Free Air Fills* (Current UBC Students Only)


For more information on the Aqua Society refund/cancellation policy: Refund Policy

Contact the Shop for more details or go to this link:
Tel: 604-822-3329  Remote 236-886-3466
e-mail:  aquasoc@gmail.com

The fine print…

*Free air-fills refer to normal air (21% Oxygen) and for current UBC Students only. We will fill a maximum of two tanks per individual, within the course of our normal filling schedule at the Shop (i.e., when there are a group of tanks requiring fills, or about every other day or so).

Executive Meeting Minutes