Staffs & Instructors


Brendan Andresen


PADI Course Director / Shop Manager

Diving is one of my passions. For the past decade I have dedicated my professional career to dive instruction.  It has given me a great opportunity to meet new people and travel to some amazing places. Offering a one of a kind experience to explore the underwater realm gives me great pleasure. I hold the highest PADI Instructional rating and currently involved in the majority of the Instructional Development in Vancouver.  I am the Manager and Director of Training of the UBC Aqua Society.  Our team works hard to make your experience safe and enjoyable.  We look forward to diving with you soon!




Meagan Abele

PADI IDC Staff Instructor / BSc Marine Biology / Training Manager

Since my days of prairie diving I have climbed the PADI ladder up to IDC Staff Instructor, and now teach full time at the AquaSoc. I am also a CAUS scientific diver. It has been great having the opportunity to go diving every weekend, and getting to travel all over with diving. As well, I have gotten my bachelors degree in Marine Biology and enjoy getting to see what I learned in the classroom when diving. So if you ever want to find me I’m either in the shop, in the ocean, or enjoying some kitten cuddles at home (in which case don’t interrupt please!).





Rahim Kaba

PADI IDC Staff Instructor / Training Manager

I am quite new to the world of diving only getting my start in late 2011 in Tanazania. Since my first trip with the aquasoc to Roatan, Honduras as an open water diver I realized my passion for diving and my love for marine life especially sharks. Later that year I worked my way up to instructor and am now currently an IDC Staff Instructor and Training Manager with UBC Aquasoc. It is an amazing experience to be able to pass on my enjoyment for diving to my students and I hope to enjoy the ocean with all of you!





Lauran Liggan

PADI Specialty Instructor / MSc Marine Botany

Lauran is a Padi Specialty Instructor, a graduate research assistant in UBC and a Masters student. She is doing her masters in Kelp research where she goes to Bamfield from time to time and explore BC coast’s kelp forests. Her vast knowledge in the marine life has made her classes exciting and fun. She also invented the ‘Scuba Taco’ phrase. When you take classes with the AquaSoc, you will definitely hear the phrase ‘scuba taco’ to describe your organized scuba gear.





Michael Ulhmann

PADI Master Scuba Diver Trainer / PhD Theoretical Physics

I got certified as an open water diver in summer 2009. After finishing my advanced open water a month later, I was ready to explore the underwater world of BC with a buddy. Over time, I got involved in many different activities, including night diving, wreck diving and underwater photography and still enjoy them in the local waters and abroad. Dive travel has brought me to many exciting places like the Great Barrier Reef, the Red Sea or Malta. Eventually, I became an instructor in 2012 and now pass on my knowledge about scuba diving and the underwater world.





 Anthony Huffman

PADI Specialty Instructor / BSc Animal Biology

Anthony is a Padi Specialty Instructor. He is a very outdoorsy guy who loves doing kayaking trips, camping trips and hiking. Anything outdoorsy, he is the guy to talk to. He has explored a lot of the BC coast and can share amazing stories about his experiences with the life around BC. If you do not see him at the shop, he is probably out and about exploring BC with his kayak or camping gear.






Ryanna Yang

PADI Specialty Instructor / Webmaster / BComm BUCS

Ever since I got my open water certification in 2012, I started loving the ocean. It shows me a different side of the world. After doing a couple more dives, I’ve decided I want to be a professional and get people excited to go diving. Exploring the world and the ocean life are two of my passions. It gives me a fulfillment that I do not get anywhere else. Being close to the sea creatures and see how they live amazes me. When you see me at the shop, feel free to talk to me about your passions too!





Colin McCune

PADI Specialty Instructor

Colin is a PADI Specialty Instructor that started diving some time in summer of 2012. Prior to his certification as an instructor, he studied Ecology and Evolution at Simon Fraser University, graduating in 2011 with his bachelor’s degree. In regards to diving, Colin is particularly passionate about side mount diving, self-reliance through training and redundant equipment, use of the frog kick for propulsion, and exploring freshwater sites. In addition to diving, Colin’s interests include boxing, Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, triathlons and playing music.





Viviana Lee

PADI Specialty instructor / Kids Camp Coordinator / BSc hon. Biology

I studied the invasive lionfish in Cuba for my honours thesis. I got my open water just so that I could collect my data. What was unexpected is that I fell in love with diving. I can’t forget how thrilled I was after my first open water dive. I couldn’t stop smiling and just wanted to tell everyone how amazing the underwater world was. After I came home from Cuba, I kept diving by becoming a dive professional. Now, I have more excuses to share my diving stories. My dream is to dive with humpback whales and teach them how to swirl.