Dive Club Executives

Hi! I’m Chloe, the dive club president. I’m a divemaster with Aquasoc and a biomedical engineering student here at UBC. I started diving because I love being in the water and spending time outside, and for me it was love at first dive! This year I hope to organize lots of events and local dives as well as some dive trips further afield. My favorite marine creature is a seal because they’re so graceful in the water. See you at Whytecliff!

My name is Alexandra Reinhardt and this is my third year being the VP of the UBC Aqua Society and I am excited for another great year! I am in my fourth year of studying marine biology and I have been diving for over 10 years. I am interested in Scientific Diving and I am currently working on getting my CAUS certification. I also love underwater photography and marine creature ID. My favorite BC critters are amphipods, GPOs and lumpsuckers. Outside of the water I spend a lot of time educating people on women and neurodivergent people in STEM.

Hey! I am Pauline and I am the treasurer for the AquaSoc as well as a divemaster. I am also currently studying Global Resource Systems here at UBC – with a focus on marine conservation! I always loved being in the water and especially love the opportunity scuba diving gives you in terms of fully entering a new world underwater! I don’t really have a favorite marine organism, I just love observing the interactions of all inhabitants in an ecosystem. By being part of the exec I hope to help expand our community, and create opportunities for more trips, so more of you guys get the chance of exploring the underwater world!

Hi! I’m Kirsten, the secretary for UBC Aqua Society. I am in my third year of a Combined Major in Science Degree, focusing on Environmental Science, Life Science, and Chemistry. I started diving last summer and instantly fell in love with it. This year I’m looking forward to spreading the word about our club to bring more people into the dive community, and I’m ready to organize the silt out of this paperwork. My favorite PNW sea animals are the Pacific Giant Octopus and the Pacific Batwing Sea Slug!

Hello! My name is Antonio or Toni. I am the dive coordinator for the UBC Aqua Society and a master’s student in Applied Animal Biology, Animal Welfare Program. Although I got my first certification back in 2014 in Kenting Taiwan, it was not until last year did I officially put all my passion into scuba diving. Since then, I have been exploring around the coast of British Columbia and diving in places from local hotspots like Whytecliff, Kelvin’s and Porteau, to beautiful Nanoose bay and epic Sunshine Coast. I also carry an underwater camera during the

My name is Bodhi Patil and my life’s purpose is to restore Ocean Health and Human Health (OHHH) to its fullest potential. As the co-creator of Ocean Uprise and founder of Inner Light, I have spent the last two years dedicated to protecting BC’s Rugged Coast. As an avid surfer, free diver, scuba diver, skim boarder and ocean-lover I understand and respect the ocean for her many gifts. Connecting ocean enthusiasts and newbies brings me unconditional joy and happiness! I am a second year in the BA+MM program studying environment and sustainability! As a new advanced open water diver, I love exploring underwater worlds and diving beneath the surface!

Hi! I’m Adam. I’m the newsletter editor for the Aqua Society finishing up my 4th year in the Microbiology and Oceanography undergrad combined major. I got certified by Rahim in 2019 and have been diving year-round since, although a bit sporadically. I mainly dive Whytecliff and some other spots on Vancouver island, but I’m hoping to get some cool club trips going in the near future. I’m currently both a divemaster trainee and enrolled in the TEC 40/45 courses. My favorite marine organism is probably a diatom, but in terms of ones you can see, it would have to be the opalescent nudibranch.

My name is Andrew and I am the Internet Coordinator for the UBC Aqua Society. I am currently working on my PhD in the Department of Materials Engineering at UBC. I have always had a love for the ocean and learning to scuba dive was a dream come true! I also have a passion for underwater photography and a particular interest in deep diving (that’s where the great cloud sponges are). Through the UBC Aqua Society, I have met many amazing people and been on a lot of crazy dive adventures. Looking forward to meeting and diving with all of you!