Dive Club Executives

Cassandra Konecny


I joined the UBC Aqua Society in the fall of 2013 while pursuing an honours degree in Marine Biology. Since then the club and staff at the shop have become my second family. I am currently a Master’s candidate and Ocean Leader fellow in the department of Zoology at UBC. I am also a PADI Divemaster at the UBC Aqua Society. I enjoy diving for fun, helping out with courses, participating in research dives and also volunteering with various local citizen science dive projects. I am looking forward to working with both the club exec to make this upcoming year amazing and full of underwater adventure. You can find me most weekends diving somewhere in Howe Sound or talking about how cool barnacles are! See you soon, underwater!


Alara Aydin

Vice President

Hello, I’m Alara and I’m a third year UBC student studying Anthropology & Archaeology. I’ve been involved in water sports as a kid and been swimming for most of my life. Watching documentaries about oceans and marine animals as a child was fascinating to me and pushed me to try diving in order to get more involved with the underwater world. I convinced my brother to try diving with me when we first started, and ever since diving had a special place in my heart due to my first ever dive buddy. I met some amazing people throughout my diving journey, and I hope to meet many more in the future!


Dwayne Neustaeter


Sidney Scharf


Hello, my name is Sidney and I am the secretary for the UBC Aqua Society. I have wanted to get into diving ever since I was young because of a fascination I have always had for the underwater world. However, I just recently got into diving as I got my open water with the Aqua Society last year. Getting my license was a very exciting experience for me and made me want to get more involved in the UBC dive club. I hope to gain more experience through working with the club and help encourage those with little experience or no experience with scuba diving to join the club.



Elizabeth Anne Cleary

Dive Coordinator

My name is Elizabeth Cleary and I am the Dive Coordinator for 2018-19 academic year! I first learned to dive at the age of 10 in the United Arab Emirates and have been diving ever since. My favorite place to dive is Sipadan in Mabul, Malaysia. I much prefer the tropical waters to the frigid waters in BC. Nonetheless, looking forward to arranging some great dive trips this year!





Alix Rommel

Social Coordinator

Hello, my name is Alix and I am in my third year of an undergrad degree in Oceanography and Biology. I only recently obtained my first diving certification and absolutely fell in love with diving! The feeling of being underwater and to experience the ocean from this totally different perspective was amazing. I hope to be able to go on many new diving adventures in the future and am thrilled to get to know all of you. Although I am still new to diving, I am very excited to be this year’s social coordinator and will do my best to organize many fun social events for the club.




Chun Yan Oscar Ma

Newsletter Editor

Hello! My name is Oscar and I am a third-year undergrad student in biology. I am looking forward to do researches about marine biology. I love the ocean and I am always fascinated by the amazing aquatic life. I feel like I was in a different world whenever I dive into the ocean. I enjoy observing different organisms in the sea and making dive video. Although I am not a very experienced diver, I am extremely enthusiastic about diving and excited to work with the crew. Can’t wait to have some awesome underwater adventures!