Dive Club Executives

Ma Chun Yan Oscar


Hello! My name is Oscar and I am a fourth-year undergrad student in biology. I am a rescue diver and I LOVE the ocean! I am fascinated by the amazing aquatic life, I enjoy observing it and learning cool facts about it. I am looking forward to working with the club execs to make this upcoming year amazing and full of underwater adventures! BTW, my favorite aquatic creature is the whale shark – they are just too cute!

Simon Liu

Vice President

Hi I’m Simon! I come from China, and I am a UBC year-two student. My major is Physics. I love diving and photography, so I combine them that I usually take many videos and photos underwater! By the way, I am on the way to being a dive instructor now!

Dwayne Neustaeter


Kelsey Ashley


Heeyy, I’m Kelsey and I am a hardcore ocean lover. I am in my last year of my undergraduate in Oceanography and Biology here at UBC. I grew up on Vancouver Island and spent every moment I could sneaking down to the ocean for a dip/beach combing/snorkel/surf – whatever it may be. I got my PADI open water and advanced license in 2017 and have been having a blast ever since using SCUBA for recreation and scientific research. I’m super stoked to be helping out the dive club this year, and getting my fellow students inspired about the ocean. I hope to meet a lot of new faces this year under the sea!

Sidney Scharf

Dive Coordinator

Hello, my name is Sidney and I am the dive coordinator for the club this year. Two years ago, I got my open water certification with the UBC Aqua society – it was an amazing experience and I have been diving with the club ever since. Getting my license was a very exciting experience for me and made me want to get more involved in the UBC dive club. I hope to gain more experience through working with the club and help encourage those with little experience or no experience with scuba diving to join. And as dive coordinator, I look forward to organizing a lot of club dives this year!

Jamie Clarke

Newsletter Editor

Hey, I’m Jamie! I’m a fifth-year biology student minoring in French at UBC. I learned to dive with the Aqua Society in January (shiver), so if you’re a new diver, no worries – hop in with me! I’m stoked to learn from the experienced divers on our team and in our club, and get a closer look at the beautiful marine life of the Pacific coast. Other than diving, I like to collect ID books, hike, camp, go birding, thrift shop, watch live music, dance, read, knit, do yoga and tell my dog she’s beautiful.

Andrew Zang

Internet Coordinator

My name is Andrew and I am the Internet Coordinator for the UBC Aqua Society. I am currently working on my PhD in the Department of Materials Engineering at UBC. I have always had a love for the ocean and learning to scuba dive was a dream come true! I also have a passion for underwater videography and a particular interest in deep diving (that’s where the great cloud sponges are). Through the UBC Aqua Society, I have met many amazing people and been on a lot of crazy dive adventures. Looking forward to meeting and diving with all of you!