Scuba Diving Courses Vancouver

Learn To Dive

Get introduced and used to the awesome underwater world

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  • [will_get_post_snippet page_title=”Open Water Diver”]
  • [will_get_post_snippet page_title=”Advanced Open Water”]
  • PADI Advanced Open Water
  • [will_get_post_snippet page_title=”Rescue Diver Course”]


Take your scuba adventures to the next level. These courses will unlock new opportunities for you

  • [will_get_post_snippet page_title=”Citizen Science Diver”]
  • [will_get_post_snippet page_title=”Deep Diver”]
  • [will_get_post_snippet page_title=”Drysuit Diver”]
  • [will_get_post_snippet page_title=”DSAT Gas Blender”]
  • [will_get_post_snippet page_title=”Enriched Air Diver”]
  • [will_get_post_snippet page_title=”Equipment Specialist”]
  • [will_get_post_snippet page_title=”Night Diver”]
  • [will_get_post_snippet page_title=”Peak Performance Buoyancy”]
  • [will_get_post_snippet page_title=”Wreck Diver”]


Get paid to scuba dive and share the profession with others!

  • [will_get_post_snippet page_title=”PADI Divemaster”]
  • [will_get_post_snippet page_title=”Open Water Scuba Instructor”]
  • [will_get_post_snippet page_title=”Aqua Pro”]

On Demand

Need a quick brush up on your skills? These courses are offered when you need them

  • [will_get_post_snippet page_title=”Drysuit Orientation”]
  • [will_get_post_snippet page_title=”Scuba Refresher”]

Emergency Management

Stay safe, and learn all about first aid and scuba specific situations

  • [will_get_post_snippet page_title=”Diving Emergency Management Provider”]
  • [will_get_post_snippet page_title=”Emergency First Response”]
  • [will_get_post_snippet page_title=”Emergency Oxygen Provider”]