Have some minor issues with O-rings and some hissing that you just can’t fix on the spot?

Don’t know what to put in your save-a-dive kit? Want to know how to replace some O-rings, locate some leaks and replace an SPG on your regulator?

The PADI Equipment Specialist is the course for you! During this course you will deep dive into how scuba gear works, how to maintain gear, and how to fix make minor adjustments and repairs. Also learn to prep your save-a-dive kit so that you will never have to miss a dive due to a minor inconvenience!

After a short eLearning textbook session followed by four hours of on-hands, classroom workshop with loads of demos and practice, you will gain great experience and become an asset to you and your dive buddies!

During the course, you will go over:

  • Gear: fins, masks, exposure suits, BCDs, dive computers, hoses, cylinders, regulators, accessories, etc.
  • Routine maintenance, and repairs
  • Building an effective Save-a-dive kit

Both as an instructor demo and hands on practice at the shop.

We encourage you to bring in your personal gear.

This course counts towards your Master Scuba Diver certification.