Rentals and Servicing

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Regulator Inspection:

An inspection is recommended every year in between full servicing intervals.

Travel Check / Adjustment: Checking Intermediate pressure check/breathing effort

Full Regulator Servicing:

A full servicing is recommended every years unless specified by the manufacturer

A full servicing includes:
* Detailed pre-inspection to determine if there are any abnormalities
* Complete disassembly and inspection for wear and damage on all parts
* All O-Rings, Seats, filters and other required parts are replaced
* Thorough cleaning in ultra-sonic cleaner/solution.

1st and 2nd Stage $99.95

Alternate 2nd Stage $49.95

**Parts are not included and will range anywhere from $15-$80 per stage depending on model**

Tank Visual Inspection

Tanks are required to be visually inspected every year. $19.95