Staffs & Instructors

Brendan Andresen


PADI Course Director / Shop Manager

Diving is one of my passions. For the past decade, I have dedicated my professional career to the dive industry as a PADI Professional.  It has given me a great opportunity to meet new people and travel to some amazing places. Offering a one of a kind experience to explore the underwater realm gives me great pleasure. I hold the highest PADI Instructional rating and conduct the Instructional Development Programs.  I am the Manager and Director of Training of the UBC Aqua Society.  Our team works hard to make your experience safe and enjoyable.  We look forward to diving with you soon!

Rahim Kaba

PADI IDC Staff Instructor / Training Manager

Rahim started his journey in the underwater world in the summer of 2011 in the Indian Ocean while living on the southern coast of Tanzania. When he returned to Vancouver, Rahim joined the UBC Aqua Society on a trip to Roatan, Honduras where he became hooked on scuba diving and ever since then seems to spend more time underwater than on the surface. Rahim became a PADI scuba Instructor in 2012 and has taught many of the scuba programs and certifications offered through the UBC Aqua Society. Rahim has led many club dives and group excursions over the years and loves sharing the underwater world and his deep knowledge of scuba diving with others.  When he’s not working at the BC Cancer Agency, Rahim is exploring the underwater world every chance that he gets. While Rahim has travelled to many of the worlds finest diving destinations (Tanzania, Honduras, Indonesia, Philippines, Mexico), his favourite places to dive remain the local cold water sites off the coast of Vancouver Island in Port Hardy, Campbell River and Nanaimo where he travels frequently. Always wanting to do bigger and deeper dives, in 2017 Rahim decided to progress into the world of technical diving. Currently certified in TDI Extended Range and Advanced Wreck diving, he is now on his journey into full trimix diving with a goal of diving past 300 feet in 2021.
But it doesn’t end there …. you see Rahim really really REALLY likes Octopus. Having many encounters with them in the ocean, Rahim knew that the only way he was going to make EVEN MORE Octopus friends would be to get rid of his bubbles. In late 2020, he decided to enter the silent world of closed circuit rebreather diving and has loved every minute of it so far. In 2021, with close to 1000 sidemount dives and over 200 decompression dives, he became a technical diving instructor with both PADI and TDI and is now UBC Aqua Society’s resident PADI Tec 40/45/50 instructor with aspirations to become a full trimix instructor and rebreather instructor in the very near future. Until then, you can find him with the Octopus!

Colin McCune

PADI Specialty Instructor

Colin is a PADI Specialty Instructor that started diving some time in summer of 2012. Prior to his certification as an instructor, he studied Ecology and Evolution at Simon Fraser University, graduating in 2011 with his bachelor’s degree. In regards to diving, Colin is particularly passionate about side mount diving, self-reliance through training and redundant equipment, use of the frog kick for propulsion, and exploring freshwater sites. In addition to diving, Colin’s interests include boxing, Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, triathlons and playing music.

Alexandre Rondeau

Je suis un instructeur de spécialisation PADI, j’ai commencé à plonger en 2017 et depuis j’en suis complètement accro!!! J’ai gravis les échelons rapidement en plongeant à chaque weekend. Je suis maintenant en train de terminer mon cours de plongée Technique. Je suis le seul employé de la société aquatique utilisant double bouteille sur mon dos! Vous pouvez me voire à Whytecliff presque chaque semaine!!!

Hi, I’m Alex a PADI Specialty instructor. I started diving in 2017 and since then I just can’t stop, it’s an addiction!!! I went up the PADI ladder so fast by diving every weekend. I’m also the only staff who is strong enough to carry two tanks on my back ah ha, as all the other staff went for side-mount diving I started my tek course going with back mount doubles or a “twin set”. You can see me at Whytecliff nearly every week!!!

Mon animal aquatique préféré / My favorite aquatic creature: Sailfin sculpin