Welcome to UBC Aqua Society

Welcome to UBC Aqua Society! Located in the center of the University of British Columbia, the UBC Aqua Society is a dive club proudly run by students since 1957! Here, we offer dive courses, club events and rental packages to inspire diving in the pacific northwest. Our purpose is to build a community among local divers, channel people’s adventure spirits towards the ocean!

As BC is one of the most well known locations for cold water diving, we hold pride in educating safe diving habits in these unique conditions, while appreciating the local wildlife and nature.
Weather you are looking to start your diving career, only have only gone diving in the tropics or are an experienced diver, all of you are more than welcome to visit our shop and have a chat! We are more than happy to talk about your future paths and the adventures that await you!
Check out our dive courses here

Become a club member now to get access to discounts towards rental gear, air fills and attend our fun events such as barbeques and club dives!

Halloween Pumpkin Dive- 2022, A UBC Aqua Society Tradition from the 80’s

Our summer schedule will be updated soon, check out the website for courses, follow our social media (Instagram / Facebook) for events and updates!

We are going through our gear and are going to have a clearance sale in the summer. Keep an eye for our used rental gear such as wetsuits, regulators and other dive gear.
For other products on sale, drop by at the dive shop or check out our online shop