Hello divers! We are excited to announce our Gear Clearance Sale for UBC Aquasoc.
Although we take good care of our gear and equipment, they sometimes still have to go. We are going through our inventory, listing all the gear that we have not been using recently or some that we do not intend on repairing. The items for sale range in various conditions from being old but functional, requiring some service or for-parts conditions. So, we will ask you to come in and check all gear in person before you buy them, to have a thorough understanding of the conditions and the maintenance it will need.

As we are moving in to our summer schedule, our shop hours are slightly unstable at the current moment. Apologies for the inconvenience but we recommend to contact us through email or Instagram to confirm and book a meeting time in advance.

Like new
IST and other makers, varying sizes and thicknesses.
Price range: $150~$350

Heavily used wetsuits
Used throughout our training dives and leisure, rental suits
Price range: $50~$150

Shell Drysuit + Undergarments
MOBBY’S tech shell drysuit
The zipper, seals and valves seem to be in good condition, however no leak tests were done.
undergarment, no visible holes or tares.

D1 Hybrid
Missing chest valve, no leak tests have been done.

Neoprene Drysuits
Multiple makers and models, mainly Oceaner.
Varying sizes and conditions.
Some lack chest and shoulder valves, some have a bad zipper or damaged seals. Please come in to check conditions and sizes. Please note that these are sold in as is condition, you will need to contact and schedule a repair if intending on using.
Price range: $100~$500

Vintage Regulators
Various makers and models.
They have not been used, inspected nor serviced for a long time. Please use for parts under your own responsibility. Recommended use: collectables

Aqualung, wenoka, tusa, unidive etc
Some of them may lack back straps
Sales as is, $15 per pair